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Santa James is in the Christmas Spirit year round, although others join in later in the year. So, if you would like me to come visit, email me early to ensure a timely visit from me.
Whether you are looking for a picture Santa or a Live Santa, Santa James is here to help you fulfill your needs.

Eight years as a volunteer military Santa
6 years as a paid Santa
Specializing in long duration events
Want to host Santa's Corral for your friends, neighbors, school or church group? Contact KCR for additional information.

KCR UPDATES: 09/22/2015

All event pictures and photos are posted on Facebook page

Kringle and Company Ranch provides all of your Santa needs whether it is with Belgian Draft horses, carriage rides, a visit from Santa, or perhaps even a Letter or Video Call from Santa. 

I provide many services as a volunteer aboard NAS Fort Worth and have served their Santa needs for many years. As a volunteer on a military installation I am given quarterly background and security checks by the US Department of Defense in order to maintain the ability to provide my service aboard the installations.

My desire is to ensure the child has the best possible experience with Santa and am fully committed to being the best possible Santa experience.
With Kringle and Company Ranch you can count on these things:

1) I will be where I am scheduled to be a minimum of 15 minutes early.
2) I will leave at the last possible second to ensure that each and every child receives their own special moment with Santa.
3) I am open to following your vision and guidelines for your event but will always fall back on the precepts and principles of representing the Spirit of Santa while upholding the Santa Claus Oath in the best possible light.

I am a smoke free, alcohol free Santa and appreciate being in places that are similar.